Ferry to Sweden

July flew by for us!  This is partly due to Christian & I not being home for most of the month.  While I was in Greece, Christian was in Australia for work.  Christian came home a few days before I arrived back in Germany from Greece.  After being back only one day in Germany, Christian & I departed for Sweden.  I loved Sweden…everything about it!  The beautiful landscape, water everywhere, the colorful wooden houses, the friendly people and so much more.  It is an outdoor-enthusiast’s paradise.  Everyone is outside, biking, hiking and swimming.  I told Christian that I wanted to move there.  He said that I would have to see if I enjoyed the winter as it gets pretty cold and snowy.  I revised my statement that I just wanted to summer there! 

We loaded up our car & drove to Hamburg after Christian got home from work & stayed the night visiting with his family.  The following afternoon, we drove to Kiel which is north of Hamburg to catch the overnight ferry to Göteborg, Sweden.


We had two nights aboard the ferry (to & from Sweden), six nights camping & two nights in a hotel.  Our itinerary included the following, which I tried to highlight on the map.

-Ferry from Kiel to Göteborg

-2 nights stay in Kungshamn (Smögen) at Johannesvik campground

-2 nights stay near Lidköping at Kinnekulle campground on Lake Vänern

-2 nights in Stockholm (in hotel)

-2 nights in Askersund at Husabergsudde campground on Lake Vättern

-Ferry from Göteborg back to Kiel


Back to the ferry ride!  We had an interior cabin with bunk beds. 

image image image

We boarded the ferry at 6:45pm in Kiel, Germany & arrived in Göteborg, Sweden at 9:15am the next morning.  That evening we spent most of our time roaming around the outside deck watching as we passed by other boats and towns.

image image image

One of the largest submarine builders.

image image

Naval museum.


The next morning we had breakfast aboard the ferry and then went back outside to get our first glimpses of Sweden & the port of Göteborg!

image image image

We took hundreds of photos on this trip (same as every trip) but this time I was just so excited about everything that we saw and did & Sweden left such a great impression on me.  It could have been that we spent almost all of our time outside and that the weather was perfect (shorts & t-shirts every day).  I hope these posts convince some of you to want to visit Sweden as well!  Next time I will share our time walking around Göteborg. 

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