After we departed the ferry, we stopped in Göteborg for a couple hours of sightseeing.  This is the second largest city in Sweden (Stockholm is the largest).  We didn’t have any specific plans of what to do or see.  We just walked around, stopping in shops that looked interesting. 

 image imageimage

Christian’s dad recommended that we pick up something to eat at the Feskekörka or Fiskhallen (fish market).  The building looks like a church and inside are two rows of vendors selling all sorts of seafood.  Christian & I got salads, his with shrimp (I think) & mine with salmon.  I am not a huge fisher lover but the salad was very good.

image image

A few observations:

-I couldn’t get over all the blonde hair! 

-Lots of tattoos & piercings on both men & women.

-The women were tall.  I thought this most be the place to buy long pants & larger shoes!

-A Volvo station wagon is the vehicle of choice among the Swedish.  I have never seen so many in a parking lot.

After just a couple hours there, we started our drive up towards Kungshamn, where we would be staying the next two nights.

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