From Göteborg we drove north to the Böhuslän coast, which is where there are many fishing villages and rocky islands.  We camped in the village of Kungshamn at Johannesvik campground.  Unfortunately, we didn’t take a single photo of the campground.  It was huge with many service houses that contained the bathrooms, showers, kitchen with sinks for washing dishes, as well as a stove, oven & microwave.  We were one of the few people to set up a tent.  Most everyone had RV’s.  The campground had it’s own seaside swimming area, which we took advantage of the first evening we arrived. 

I got these pictures from their website to show you what the campground looked like. Source.


This is one of the pictures we took of Kungshamn.  Everywhere are these red wooden houses.  They used to be fishing huts but now people use them as summer homes.


From Kungshamn, it was a short drive to Smögen.  We had planned to take a boat ride from Smögen to the nearby island of Hållö.  It is an island made of granite rock that is surrounded by clear water, perfect for swimming!


We picked out a space on the rocks to spend the day sunbathing, swimming & having a picnic lunch.  Notice how white I am!  Christian said that I would fit right in with my fair skin in Sweden.  This was not the case, all the blondes were tan or at least had that reddish look from being out in the sun for awhile. 

image image

After a couple of hours the rocks began to fill up with more people and boats were also anchoring here in this little alcove.  People were jumping down or diving from the rocks into the water.  I wasn’t brave enough to jump from a high rock, so I dove from one of the lower rocks.  I dove so deep (I was afraid of belly flopping) that my bathing suit bottoms slid down to my ankles!!  I quickly pulled them up & looked around to see if anyone noticed.  Luckily, at that time there weren’t many people there.  The next time we went in the water, I just jumped.


On the island is a lighthouse.  If you look closely you can see a bride & groom standing up at the top.  Behind the lighthouse is a church.


After being on the island for most of the day, we took the boat back to Smögen.  This cute town has the longest boardwalk in Sweden. 

image image image image 

We stopped for some ice cream at one of the ice cream cafes before heading back to the campground.


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