Läckö Slott

North of Lidköping is Läckö Slott, a castle built next to Lake Vänern.  The original version of the castle was constructed in 1298 by the Bishop of Skara.  King Gustav Vasa received the castle in 1527.  It was then passed on to Field marshal Jacob Pontusson de la Gardia in 1615.  His son, Count Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie is responsible for the expansion and rebuilding of the castle starting in 1654. 

Christian & I took a tour of the interior rooms of the castle.  Of course, we weren’t allowed to take photos inside.  We did take some photos as we were walking around the grounds & in the courtyard.


One of the kitchens.




The Chapel.

image image image

The beautiful gardens.

image image image image

Before stopping at the castle, I wanted to go to the Rörstrand Center.  Rörstrand Fabriksbod is the second oldest porcelain factory in Sweden.  At the center was a museum & a shop to buy some of the porcelain at a discounted price.  I might have convinced Christian to pick up a souvenir or two!


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