Drottningholm Palace

Before arriving in the city-center of Stockholm, we made a stop at the royal summer palace of Drottningholm (“Queen’s Island”).  Queen Hedvig Eleonora, the widow of Karl X Gustav commissioned architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder to design the royal palace.  There was another palace on the grounds prior to Queen Hedvig but a fire broke out in 1661 completely destroying it.  Since that time the Swedish royal family has expanded and renovated the palace & grounds. 

image image image

Christian & I took a self-guided tour through the palace using this book that we purchased.  It has a lot of information on the history of the palace, as well as information about each of the rooms that we went through.

image image image image

As we were exiting the palace, we got a chance to see the changing of the guards.

image image image

We didn’t walk through the extensive gardens, as it was later in the afternoon & we wanted to get to the city-center & see a little of Stockholm that evening.


After our visit I was obsessed with looking up information about the current Swedish royals!  I already knew everything about William & Kate but not too much about Victoria, Madeleine & Philip!

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