We arrived in the city-center of Stockholm in the late afternoon.  Stockholm is comprised of 14 islands and connected by bridges.  We drove directly to our hotel, the Elite Hotel Marina Tower.  I definitely recommend this nice, reasonably priced hotel.  It is not directly in the city-center but an easy 30 minute walk to Gamla Stan & the rest of the city-center.  You can also take a ferry provided by the hotel or the public transportation system ferry that stops in front of the hotel & takes you to the different parts of the city.  We walked & took the ferry. 


The first evening we walked to Gamla Stan, which is the historic old town.  We had dinner at one of the restaurants that Christian’s dad recommended. 


From there, we walked to the Kungliga Slottet (the Royal Palace) and took in the sights of the historic buildings.

image image image image image 

As we were walking back to our hotel that evening, we saw a bunch of hot-air balloons flying over the city.

image image

The following day we went directly to the Vasa Museum, which I will share with you in another post.  After the morning stop in the museum, we headed on for more city touring and some shopping!  We walked through Östermalm to Saluhall, an indoor food market.

image image

Right around lunchtime it started to rain, so we spent some time in Mood, a shopping mall & NH one of the nicer department stores.  When I saw signs for Mood I originally thought it might be a fabric shop, like the one in NYC!


We took the underground train to Södermalm where there were some design shops and great views across Gamla Stan & other parts of the city.

Rosendals Slott.  It is located on Djurgården, which is where we started our morning visiting the Vasa Museum.  it was built in the 1820’s for Karl XIV Johan.

image image

Gröna Lund Tivoli.  An amusement park, also located on Djurgården. 


A funny looking building that was also on Djurgården.  I am not sure what it is!


On our way back to the hotel that evening, we looked up at the housing building next to our hotel and noticed what we thought was a person sitting by the open window on the top floor.  After a closer look, we realized it was a dog!!  It was so funny to see it looking right and left and checking out everything that was going with it’s paws on the window ledge.

image image

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  1. You had a wonderful trip. It seem this might be your favorite country. Norther Europe is very clean and modern. Love you Da

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