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We didn’t starve while in Sweden & we didn’t eat many meals in restaurants (only in Stockholm).  Before we left, we came up with a dinner menu for each of the nights we would be camping.  We brought along any boxed or canned items & then bought everything fresh at the grocery stores (almost daily).  We also packed breakfast & lunch items.  Breakfast was simple & consisted of cereal/granola and fruit.  For lunch, we always packed sandwiches (cheese and/or salami).

Dinner Night #1: Hot dogs & Corn on the cob.  I didn’t say we ate healthy!  The grilled corn was so tasty & I dreamed of having more during the week!  We soaked the corn still in the husk in water for about 30 minutes.  Then we placed directly on the grill and turned it every couple of minutes so it wouldn’t burn.

image image image

Dinner Night #2: Chili.  It was our first rainy evening & it was actually quite windy as well.  We couldn’t use the grill, so we pulled out the Jetboil and made the chili in a pot.  Ingredients included ground beef, onions, kidney beans, corn & pureed tomatoes.


Dinner Night #3: Pudgy pies.  You can’t go camping without making these!  We always make the pizza version: tomato sauce & cheese.


Dinner Night #4: Sausage goulash.  This was another Jetboil pot meal.  Mini sausages mixed with the goulash seasoning mix & some water.  We added in some corn because we had a can leftover.  Super easy.


Dinner Night #5: Sausages & Corn on the cob.  I requested another grill night, especially with the corn on the cob.  This time we just wrapped the corn in tinfoil & grilled it that way.  I preferred the water husk version.


Dinner Night #6: Pasta.  Our last camping meal, pasta with sauce from a jar (added in onions & mushrooms).  We felt we needed some greens after a long week of not many vegetables, so made salads as well.


Desserts are a must!  We had s’mores a couple nights.

image image

We also tried something new…cake baked (grilled) in an orange peel.  We found this recipe on The Kitchn blog (here) but it was originally from a blog called Today’s Letters (here).  You basically scoop out the inside of an orange and fill it with boxed chocolate (or whatever your choice) cake mix.  Wrap it in tin foil & then place on the grill.  In 20 minutes time you have a fudgy, cake dessert with a hint of orange.  We divided the cake mix up into thirds, making two-thirds one night & another third another night, that way you don’t have a whole cake to eat in one night. 

image image image image

We spent almost everyday at the grocery store!  We needed to pick up cheese, bread and whatever other fresh ingredients we needed for that day’s meals.  We always tended to visit the ICA (brand in Sweden) grocery stores.  We  started out by going to the ICA Supermarket, just a regular sized supermarket.  Then we visited the ICA Kvantum, which was a larger supermarket that was so nice that I had supermarket envy!!  You could pick up a scanner at the entrance and as you picked up your groceries you would scan them and then you could just bag everything as you go.  Once you get to the checkout, I think you would just present the scanner & pay!  We didn’t do this, so I didn’t get to see how it works at the checkout.  We also went to the MAXI ICA, which is their largest store & is more like a Super Walmart or Target that sells not just groceries but clothes, electronics, home wares, etc.  It wasn’t as nice as the Kvantum we visited, so I wasn’t as impressed.  I did notice that they seem to sell things in bulk, like Costco, Sam’s Club or Metro. 

image image image image image

One last food observation…the Swedes love drinkable yogurt.  You can buy plain or flavored yogurt in a carton.  Christian enjoyed this during breakfast.  I thought it was so thick, that I would only be able to drink the yogurt and not eat anything else for breakfast.  Maybe that’s what they do!


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