Back to Germany

We were on our Sweden trip for 10 days & it has taken me twice that amount to share with you all our stories & pictures!  I hope it has motivated you to visit!

We took the ferry from Göteborg back to Kiel.  This time we had a larger cabin, which meant a larger bed.  Instead of having twin bunk beds, we had a full size bed with a twin bunk overhead.  On the way to Göteborg, I might have said to Christian that the two of us could sleep on the bottom twin bed together.  That was a mistake!  Christian said that right has he was falling into a deep sleep I basically kicked him out of the lower bunk and told him to move up top!  I don’t remember but I am sure I tried to do it a nice way.

Here I am not posing in our cabin.


Our larger cabin came with a free, stocked mini-fridge which included champagne, two cans of coke and chocolates.  I had packed our plastic, camping champagne flutes (I don’t know why) and Christian ran down to the car, so we could use them.  It was so windy that right after the picture was taken my glass fell over and everything spilled.  That was fine by me, I didn’t have to drink the too sparkly for me drink!


As we were leaving port, Christian took the camera & walked around the open deck. 

image image image

This is where I was parked!  I was in the middle of a really good book (What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty) & I didn’t want to stop reading it.


We bought salads from a to-go shop and brought them on-board to eat.  Christian finished his above deck but I had to finish eating mine back in our cabin because I was too cold!


The following morning we arrived in Kiel and what should have taken us four hours to get home ended up dragging on another two hours due to bad traffic.  Everyone was coming back from their summer vacations & on the autobahn! 

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