After our trip to Sweden I was in Germany for two weeks before flying to the US.  I have now been in the US for the last two weeks and I am here for another week!  One of the first things I did (besides opening all my packages that I ordered & had shipped to my mom’s house…it was like Christmas!) was going paddleboarding with my brother.  My brother took me last summer & it was so fun and easy.  You feel a little wobbly when you first stand up but then you start paddling and it is hard to fall.  We would only fall if we were hot and wanted to get wet.  We go to Pohick Bay Regional Park, which is not far from my mom’s house in Virginia. 

Here’s Chris paddling away from me.

Chris Paddleboarding 3 Chris Paddleboarding 4

Here I am.  I also attempted some yoga poses on the paddleboard, which I have seen more graceful people do!  I am not sure what pose I was trying but I don’t think it worked.

Jen Paddleboarding 2 Jen Paddleboarding Jen Paddleboarding 3

Chris searching for fish.

Chris Paddleboarding

Chris received this dry bag for Christmas last year.  He was a little weary about using it, so I tested it out for him by putting my shorts & the camera in there.  I threw it down into the water and it just floated and everything stayed dry.  I think he was convinced that it was safe to use after that!

Paddleboarding Wet Bags

I’ll be sure to share a few more things of what I have been up to while in Virginia.  Christian, meanwhile is back in Germany working.  We were all sad that he couldn’t join me on this trip but hopefully another time next year!


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