Elfa Love

I love being organized & I love closets, especially all the clothes, shoes & purses that fill them.  The Container Store has an amazing closet organization system called Elfa.  In my condo in Denver, my dad installed Elfa in my closets and my parents had Elfa in their last home.  While in Virginia I asked my mom what she wanted done around the house and she said she wanted her hall closet reorganized and wanted to install Elfa.  We lucked out because the Container Store was having one of their 25% off shelving sales, so I measured the closet, designed a simple closet layout online & we went to the store to order it.  Then I got to work on installing it.  This was my first project using tools & paint.  I have assisted in projects but never had to do the thing on my own!  I watched the Container Store installation video twice & a couple different YouTube videos on how to remove screws, spackle & paint!

Sorry for the poor picture quality in advance.  I was using an old point & shoot and no picture editing software!

Here’s the hall closet before with the plain wire shelf.

Elfa - Before Hall Closet

Step 1: Remove old wire shelf & supports.  The shelf popped right off but I had to take needle-nose pliers to pry the screws out of the supports.

Elfa - Shelf Removal

Step 2: Fill in the holes with spackle.

Elfa - Wall Holes Elfa - Spacking Paste Elfa - Spackle Hole

Step 3: Sand & paint over the spackling.

Elfa - Sandiing Elfa - Painting

Step 4: Install the top track for the Elfa system.  This involved drilling holes for the wall anchors.  Once the wall anchors were in place, you could screw the top track to the wall.  I was able to get all the wall anchors in and was able to get three out of the five screws in with the top track but the two middle screws wouldn’t tighten.  I could only tighten them half way.  We called the Container Store & a neighbor for advice.  The neighbor came over & just used a little bit more strength to get the screws tightened!  I was afraid of causing some unknown damage!

Elfa - Drilling Elfa - Wall Anchors Elfa - Top Track

Step 5:  Installing the hanging standards & the shelves.  This was the easy part…just getting all the shelves in place.  In this closet design, there are now three shelves & a hanging rod.

Elfa - Shelves

Step 6:  Fill the closet!

Elfa - After Hall Closet

Now that I have installed one Elfa closet, I am ready to tackle all the closets in my mom’s house!  I don’t think she is ready for that though.  I only wish I could get Elfa in Germany.

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