Family Workout

Over the weekend, Chris took us to Crystal City to do a little outdoor workout.  They have some exercises posted on a sign & equipment in a little park right near the sand volleyball courts.  Chris warned us that we probably wouldn’t be able to do most of the exercises but we went along anyways. 

Our trainer for the evening.

Before Workout

We started with a short run (sprint) through Crystal City.  My mom & I could not keep up with his pace & we walked most of it. I also stopped to take a few (poor quality) photos.


They were four stations (they called it series).


The first station was stretching.


The following three were strength exercises.  Chris had us doing pull-ups & ab exercises with the rings.  Those weren’t too successful. 

Rings Chris Rings

The next station we did push-ups & sit-ups.  That was something my mom & I could handle.  Chris kept us there while he kept going back to the rings to do more arm strength exercises.

Jen Push-up Chris Push-up Mom Sit-up

We might have taken a little rest, while Chris continued working.  We decided we preferred our gym classes with fun music.


Our trainer after the session.  He wasn’t so happy with our lack of enthusiasm and might have complained that we were too weak!

Workout Finished

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