Time in Virginia

I can’t believe that my three weeks in Virginia are already over!  I fly back to Germany this evening.  The time went by so fast, as usual.  When I visit, it is pretty easy to get into a daily routine.  I don’t really plan on traveling around the area & doing touristy stuff.  I just want to spend time at home with my family, see a few friends, go shopping & still go to the gym…nothing too exciting!  A typical week day when visiting goes as follows…

My brother, Chris leaves for work around 7AM.  My mom & I get up and see him off to work.  His usual breakfast of cheerios and reading the newspaper.  I love the rosemary & sea salt bread from Wegmans.  I can eat a loaf a week for breakfast!

Chris Breakfast Toast

All dressed up & headed out for a day at the office!

Chris Leaving Chris Car

Meanwhile, my mom & I usually go to one or two gym classes in the morning.


After the gym, we might go to the mall.  I’ve been to the mall six times in the last three weeks!  Tysons Corner is my favorite & we usually eat at the mall (Nordstroms Cafe, Panera or Corner Bakery).

Tysons Tysons Lunch

If we aren’t at the mall, we might go to Wegmans for grocery shopping (been there four times) or just run other errands. 


We might even end up just hanging around home for the afternoon.  I reactivated my library card here, so I was able to check out some paper books, which is always nicer than just reading ebooks!  I also enjoy catching up on the most educational shows on Bravo and E!  My brother didn’t finish one of his Lego builds, so I have been doing a little bit each day as I am binge-watching those reality shows.


One afternoon, I helped my mom with some outdoor housework.  It was a hot & sweaty exercise!

Mom Outdoor Jen Outdoor

When Chris gets home from work in the evening, we have dinner, watch a movie and/or play a board game.  We usually fend for ourselves for dinner but we did make pizza two nights & one night we had chocolate-chip pancakes.

Pizza Making Pancakes

Chris relaxing after work with a movie.

 Chris TV

We played many, many rounds of 7 Wonders.  Chris got this game for Christmas last year & it has been a favorite. 

Mom and Chris 7 Wonders Jen 7 Wonders

So that’s a typical day in Virginia.  I would say it is pretty relaxing and maybe a little uneventful to everyone else but exactly how I like it!  I am already dreaming of the next time I get to visit.

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