Pink Surprises & A Concert

When I arrived back in Germany on Saturday morning, Christian had two pink surprises waiting for me at home. 


The first was a bouquet of pink flowers on our hallway table.


The second was a new pink shelving unit for my craft supplies.  He had mentioned that he had picked up something from IKEA while I was in Virginia but didn’t tell me what it was.  This matches all my accessories much more than the brown shelves that were there.



On Sunday, we went to Bonn because we had concert tickets to see Adel Tawil.  He is a German singer & I had first heard one of his latest songs, Lieder at the beginning of the year.  Christian’s aunt had his new album, also called Lieder on her iPhone & we listened to it while on our trip through the National Parks at the end of February.  I then purchased his CD because I liked his music.  I especially loved the song, Zuhause because it featured Matisyahu, an American musician that I was familiar with & owned some of his songs.  You can listen to the song here on YouTube.  Earlier this summer, Christian & I saw that Adel was going to be in Bonn to promote his new album, so we decided to buy tickets.  This was Christian’s second time seeing him in concert & he was able to sing along to all the songs from both the current album and the older albums.  The concert was held outside, the weather was warm & it was a fun evening to get back into a German state of mind!

image image image

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