On The Roof

A week ago, Christian was waiting for his taxi to pick him to go to the airport.  He thought he heard the taxi, so in his excitement quickly opened up the window in our loft bedroom to see if the taxi had arrived.  In the process, the bar on the window fell down and out onto the roof.  He looked out and said, “oh, it’s okay…it’s just down in the gutter.  Remind me to retrieve it over the weekend when I get back.”  Right, I thought.  He is just going to climb out the window and pick it up! 

Here’s the window and the bar that goes across it. 


When he got back on Saturday evening, I reminded him about the window and suggested that if he were going to retrieve it, at least wear his rock climbing harness and we can somehow tie him up to something in the house in case he were to fall.  Or at least ask one of neighbors if we could use their cranes to retrieve it. 

Here is the crane from across the street.  They don’t want anyone stealing their tablesaw!

image image

Christian said no to both ideas.  I had yet to inspect outside our window to see where the bar had fallen.  When I did, I was surprised.  There is a little metal staircase for in case of a fire emergency and the bar had actually landed above our kitchen window which sticks out on the roof.  So it didn’t look as dangerous as I thought.  I thought the bar was in the gutter on the edge of the roof, which is three stories up.


Christian opened up the window and just climbed right out. 

image image

Climbed down the stairs. Retrieved the bar.

image image

Climbed right back into the room.

image image

Safe & sound back inside.


That was our excitement for the weekend!  Anyone else do anything exciting?

One thought on “On The Roof

  1. I am happy this had a happy ending  you had me worried and this was a good story about nothing. Good writing  love da

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