Pumpkin Pasta Bake

Pumpkin is one of my favorites in the fall.  I started pinning some orange vegetable: pumpkin, butternut squash & sweet potato recipes on Pinterest.  Last week I noticed the field in our neighborhood where the pumpkins were growing was pretty much cleared out, so I decided we should definitely make something pumpkin over the weekend.  I have shared a couple things we have had made with pumpkin, like my favorite dessert, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake & this Pumpkin Soup that we made last fall with Christian’s mom.  I wanted to try something different, so I choose the Creamy Pumpkin Pasta Bake from A Family Feast (recipe & directions can be found here). 

The recipe called for pumpkin puree.  I used the easiest & freshest method by making my own puree from The Pioneer Woman’s website. 

image image image image image

Once the puree was complete, we made the white sauce & the pumpkin filling.  Before we made the sauces, we also cooked the pasta while the pumpkin was roasting in the oven.  The recipe called for three types of cheese: parmesan, ricotta & mozzarella.  The ricotta and parmesan go in the pumpkin filling.


The recipe also calls for fresh sage to be added to the white sauce.  I couldn’t find a package of sage at our grocery store, but I did find some in a mixed herb packet.  We decided to chop up almost all the herbs and put them in.  It tasted great!


Once you have your pasta, the pumpkin filling & the white sauce.  You are ready to assemble the bake: a layer of white sauce, layer of pasta, layer of pumpkin filling & layer of mozzarella.  Repeat three times.

image image image

Bake in the oven until cheese on top is bubbly!


Christian said he thought it was really tasty & liked the fact that the pumpkin taste wasn’t overpowering.  I enjoyed it as well!

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