A Day of School

I am back in language school.  Yes, I am still trying to learn German!  If I never had to speak and could just write out my what I wanted to say, it would be almost perfect.  I am now into my second week of school & I have a really nice teacher & a good group of fellow students.  I now have a more structured routine than what I had earlier this year when I wasn’t in school.  Here’s a typical week day.

7AM – I am still not getting up as early as Christian (5:30) but I am trying to get out of bed between 6:30 & 7:00.  I drink my usual breakfast, Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate milk with vitamins) and look at my emails, read other blogs or write my blog posts.


The one great thing about school (besides being able to communicate with others) is that I get to wear my clothes!  I was living in gym clothes most days and would only get dressed on the weekends.  Gym clothes are so much more comfy! I took some photos of some of my outfits for school.

image image image image

8:15AM – I bike to school, which is located next to the Hauptbahnhof (main railway station) in Düsseldorf.  It takes about 30 minutes door to door.  I take classes at the Volkshochschule, which is basically an adult education center/school.

image image

9AM until 1PM – In class. We get a 20 minute break around noon.  I usually eat a snack.


1:00-1:30PM – Bike home.

1:30-2:00PM – Lunch time!  I am usually starving when I get home and can’t wait to eat.  I always make a salad.  What I put on my salad varies but recently it has been lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, peas, corns, pickles & cottage cheese.  I know that combination isn’t for everyone but it tastes wonderful to me!

image image

After lunch – I try to only take a half hour lunch break but I usually end up taking longer.  Then it time to start on my homework. 


4:00PM – Get ready to go to the gym, bike to gym, take gym classes & bike home.  I usually take anywhere between 2 & 4 gym classes per day.  Four gym classes would be 3 half hour classes & one 1 hour class.  If I don’t get to the gym, I am not a happy camper!  I just feel so much better when I work out daily. 

7:00PM – Return home & have dinner with Christian.  Like I have mentioned in the past, we usually have Abendbrot, which is slices of bread with meat, cheese or sandwich spreads.  You can read more about that here.

After dinner – I usually need to finish up my homework.  Christian works on some administrative tasks or something.

9:00PM – We usually read in bed for awhile & then sleep.  Then the day beings again!

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