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Bergisches Land

We had warm, sunny weather this past weekend, so we spent most of it outdoors.  We biked around the city on Saturday, occasionally stopping into a few shops & treating ourselves to frozen yogurt at Yomaro.  On Sunday, we hiked in an area called Bergisches Land.  This is a low-mountain range area east of Düsseldorf, Köln and Bonn.

Map source.

We have hiked in this area before & this time choose a combination of two hikes.  We started at Schöllerhof in Odenthal and hiked along the Eifgenbachtal. The Eifgenbach is a river and we hiked along the river valley and up in the mountains.

At the start of our hike.  Christian next to the Eifgenbach.


According to our hiking guide, this is supposed to be the prettiest valley in the Bergisches Land.

image image image

This was also a popular mountain biking trail.


We would come out of the woods & walk through farmland before returning back to the forest.


Our half-way point in the hike was the Dhünntalsperre.  This is a large water dam near the village of Lindscheid that is fed by the river Dhünn.

image image

We stopped at the dam for lunch.  We had brought leftovers from our Saturday night dinner (stuffed bread with egg, cheese, ham & herbs).


After lunch, we hiked back a different way to the village of Altenberg.

image image

Our destination was the Altenberger Dom.  The Altenberg Cathedral was originally used as a monastery.  It is now used by both Catholics & Protestants.  It is also a popular place for holding concerts.  When we got there, there was an organ concert taking place.

image image image

We walked around the church & treated ourselves to some ice cream at a nearby café.  From here, it was only a five minute walk back to the car.  We hiked for almost four hours & it was around 20km.  We haven’t done a ton of hiking this year, so it was pretty tiring but it was great to be outside!


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