We’re Moving!

This is not news to some of you but I can finally share it on the blog.  Christian started a new job in January.  His office is located 91km southeast of Düsseldorf.  It is a long commute, especially driving past Köln everyday.  His morning commute is sometimes less than a hour but in the evening it is usually closer to an hour and a half.  Christian needs to leave the apartment sometime between 6:30-7:00AM to miss most of the traffic in the morning.  Since I am lazy, I don’t really get out of bed until 7AM, so I don’t usually see him.  In the evenings, he is home on average between 7:30-7:45PM.  I know that people manage this type of commute on a daily basis, especially in the US but we knew that living in Düsseldorf wasn’t going to work for us in the long haul.  We were pretty sure we wanted to buy a house, so we started looking at houses for sale closer to his work in January & February.  We spent many hours looking online and visiting some houses.  There were some that were okay but none that jumped out at us to buy.  We were also running into the problem that many of the houses are located in very small towns.  We (mostly I) didn’t want to be isolated & out in the country.  We finally found a solution in a town called Bad Honnef.  If you follow the Rhein river 90km south from Düsseldorf you’ll end up here.  It is not a large town but it is located close to Bonn.  We can be in Bonn in 20 minutes by train.  It is also only 14km (20 minutes) from Christian’s work.

In March we signed a contract with a developer who was building townhomes (Reihenhäuser).  I think there are 30 in our little development & the style is very modern.  Our townhouse has four levels including the basement & a postage stamp-sized yard.  We are really excited to move in, which will hopefully be in November.  At the beginning of the construction we weren’t that involved but in the last couple of months, we have been visiting the house almost weekly to see the progress, take pictures, Christian checking everything out to make sure it looks okay & selecting everything we want for the interior.  This past month especially has taken a lot of our (mostly Christian’s) free time in talking with the contractor, flooring, tile guy, painter, kitchen set-up, etc.  I will share with you in other posts more about the process of finishing the interior of the house.

Here are some pictures of the early construction of the house!

This picture was taken at the end of March.  We are in a row of four houses & we are one of the middle houses.  We also have houses in front of us & behind us!  This is showing the basement walls completed & starting on the cement flooring and walls for the main level.


This picture was taken at the middle of April.  The main floor walls are now up.

image image

This picture was taken in the middle of May.  It is showing the back of the house & the second story walls are now up.  We are the second house from the left.


We don’t have any pictures of the house until July.  The builder had a webcam that was focused on our row of houses, so we would check out the status of the house on the webcam.  It was updated three times per day on their website.  I will share more pictures on Friday of the house from the work that was done in July until now.

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