Fall Camping

Last Monday I got a phone call from my language school saying that my class was canceled for the day.  A couple hours later I received an email saying that class was cancelled for the entire week and we wouldn’t resume class until next Monday, October 13th because this week was our scheduled fall break.  Christian decided to take Thursday off from work & last Friday was a holiday so we had a long weekend to get away.  We looked into some last minute travel deals but everything was still pretty expensive, so we decided to go camping up in northern Germany near Plöner See (lake).  We arrived Thursday evening at Campingpark Augstfelde, which is not located directly on Plöner See but on Vierer See, which is right near by.  We camped there for three nights.

Vierer See.  It was so pretty as the leaves were changing colors.  We needed to put on a fleece in the evening & enjoy the warmth of the fire.  It was dark when we were eating dinner & needed our lanterns, as compared to how light it was during the summer.  It reminded me of Colorado camping!

image image image

Our usual camping set-up…a tent for sleeping & a tent for our table, chairs & food.


I did a really poor job of packing for this camping trip.  As were setting up camp, I realized that I left our pillows at home.  We ended up rolling up some clothes as make-shift pillows.

Thursday evening as we were preparing dinner, I realized that I forgot to pack salt & pepper and trash bags.  Here is Christian stuffing our trash into a small cracker bag.


At breakfast Friday morning, Christian found that I only packed cereal for myself and didn’t bring his granola.  He ate my cereal anyways and said it tasted fine.


Thinking about dinner for the next two nights, I realized that I forgot to pack the grill tongs.  Christian said that’s fine, do we have aluminum foil?  I said only enough for our corn on the cob.


I had remarked that the car seemed emptier than normal for our camping trip.  That should have clued me in!  In the end that stuff is not necessary.  We got by just fine & definitely didn’t starve.


So what did we actually do over those three full days?  On Friday, we visited the Freilichtmuseum Molfsee, which I will share with you tomorrow.  We had lunch in Kiel, which is where we caught the ferry in July when we went to Sweden.  We watched some of the boats going through the canal that connects the North Sea to the Baltic Sea.


Friday evening we rented bikes from the campground and rode along the Vierer lake and then the Plöner lake to the city center of Plön.  We rode up to the Plöner Schloss, which is now a training center for optometry.

image image image

On Saturday, we drove to a nearby outlet mall.  We both found some good deals at the Ralph Lauren store.  We continued our shopping at Möbel Kraft, which is a huge furniture shop.  We went there partly to look at furniture but also because they were hosting an Oktoberfest.  We arrived around lunchtime and unfortunately, nothing was really going on in the tent but we did get something to eat.  From there we drove to Lübeck to visit Niederegger, which is the company that makes all the marzipan treats.  We had kaffee und kuchen (coffee/hot chocolate flavored with marzipan & cake with marzipan).


On Sunday morning we drove back to Düsseldorf.  Our tents are currently drying out in our garage after taking them down when they were still covered in morning dew.  I am happy to pack away the rest of our camping stuff and not bring it back out until warmer weather!  We also made a point to reorganize our camping gear, so all the essentials are in one smaller container and all the extra stuff that we might need is in another container.

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