Molfsee Freilichtmuseum


The Molfsee open-air museum located near Kiel is very similar to the one we visited in Sweden, Skansen.  Located on the grounds are many historic buildings, farms and mills from Northern Germany that were moved and rebuilt on the museum land.

image image image image

They had the farm houses furnished, so you could see based on the time period and the wealth of the farmer how the people lived.  It was amazing to see how everything (stables, farm equipment & living quarters) were under one roof!

image image image image



Building filled with wagon parts.


They had buildings for the craftsmen: baker, potter, blacksmith, clockmaker, weaver, etc.  We watched a bell being made at the smithy (metal works/Schmiede).

image image

They also had many farm animals spread among the farms.  Some were even wandering around freely!

image image image image

Do you think Christian would make it as a milkman?


It was a fun, worthwhile visit, especially for someone who enjoys history and looking at historical buildings!  If you are interested in visiting, you can find out more at their website here.

One thought on “Molfsee Freilichtmuseum

  1. It looks like a nice place to visit. You took some really nice pictures. The colors were outstanding. Love Da

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