Planning a Kitchen

One of the first things that we thought about with our new house was what to do with the kitchen.  When people move from one place to the next, they sometimes bring their kitchens with them.  I wasn’t interested in bringing our kitchen to the new house.  We also knew that IKEA was going to introduce a new kitchen system in the early summer.  You can still buy their old kitchen system, so we could have brought our cabinets & appliances and just added on but as I said I didn’t want to do that.  Initially, I didn’t want an IKEA kitchen at all!

In the early spring, we visited a few kitchen shops in Düsseldorf.  We sat down with them and designed a kitchen for our space.  In order to be within our budget, I wasn’t going to get the kitchen that I wanted.  This was the type of kitchen we were looking at when we went to the kitchen stores and they planned the kitchen for us.

image image

Here is what I had in mind for our kitchen space: white cabinets, subway tile, quartz or marble countertops.

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We decided that we could accomplish my white kitchen vision by using IKEA cabinets & trying to customize the rest.  Christian designed our IKEA kitchen on the Austrian IKEA website because at the time they didn’t have the program on the German website.  At the beginning of June, the IKEA stores had their new kitchen system, METOD ready for show & to buy.  We visited a couple days after they opened.

image image image

Christian then redesigned the kitchen on the German IKEA website.  We are working with a small u-shaped space & I need as much dish storage as possible!  We have chosen the Laxarby cabinet fronts from IKEA.  They come white but I think we are going to end up painting them white because they still give off a pinkish tint & I want really white cabinets!

image image

I purchased the door handles & pulls from Restoration Hardware when I was back in the US in August.  They are the Aubrey design in satin nickel.  Can you believe that I put these in my suitcase?!  They weighed 10lbs!

image image

We have selected the kitchen sink & faucet.  I had originally wanted another farmhouse sink, so we were going to order it from IKEA again.  Maybe it’s just me but I am having to clean the sink every week with sink cleaner to keep it looking nice & it always shows tons of water spots.  It could also be due to our very hard water.  In the end we selected the Villeroy & Boch Subway 60S sink.  It will look similar to below but have only one basin.  The faucet will also be similar but from Blanco.



I love the look of marble but I know that it isn’t practical & I would be so upset if there were permanent stains on the countertops.  We decided to go with quartz countertops and selected Royal Snow by Caesarstone.  I would show a picture but it is so hard to tell exactly how it looks.  It is white with greyish spots in it.  We haven’t figured out the backsplash yet.  I still want white subway tiles so we will see.

We have also selected all the appliances and I think we weren’t consistent with the brands, so one is from Siemens, another from Bosch, maybe another from AEG!  It was based on some reviews that Christian read & of course price!

Christian is planning on installing the kitchen on his own, except for the countertops and probably the tiling of the backsplash.  I will be there to assist & photograph.  We probably won’t have any updates on the kitchen until the middle/end of November but this gives you a good idea of what we are aiming for.

2 thoughts on “Planning a Kitchen

  1. Nice job of planning. This is exciting. Love you. Can’t wait to see the installed and finished house.

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