Farrow & Ball Paint


I read & follow all sorts of blogs, one of them is home design/DIY.  When the bloggers mention paint colors in the US they talk about Benjamin Moore, Behr & occasionally Farrow & Ball.  I had just read on the Little Green Notebook how this designer/DIY blogger had just painted one of her rooms with Farrow & Ball paint & used their wallpaper in their entryway and had a great experience with the company.  You can read about it on her blog here.  I knew that there was a Farrow & Ball paint store located in Düsseldorf.  The company is based in England & they are known for having very nice but maybe a bit pricey paints.  Christian tasked me with figuring out what colors we were going to paint the walls in our new house.  He wants to get the walls painted before we have our flooring installed, so I went to the Farrow & Ball shop one weekend.  The lady that assisted me was so helpful!!  I brought along our floor plans, a sample of our flooring and some textiles from bedding & pillows.  I knew I wanted to stick with grays and blues.  The great thing with Farrow & Ball is that they only have 132 colors to choose from, which I think is a benefit.  Going into a paint shop is so overwhelming when they have the paint decks with hundreds of colors and 20 shades of the same color with blue or green or red undertones.  I can’t easily make a decision with so many choices!


We looked through their color chart and selected just four or five colors for the entire house.  She told me to take a bunch of color charts home, cut out the color samples & place them on the floor plans to share with Christian.  When I showed Christian, he wasn’t sure of some of the colors at first.  We looked at them in the morning, afternoon and evening light.  I showed him pictures online of rooms painted those colors.  He felt that they were too cold feeling & looking.


Christian read reviews online and the informational brochures that I brought back from the store.  He still wasn’t sold on Farrow & Ball paint, especially the price tag.  We ended up going to OBI (like a Home Depot) to look at the colors in their paint shop.  My mind was already set on the colors I had selected, so I wasn’t super helpful when looking through their colors & trying to match them to the ones I had selected from Farrow & Ball.  When we got out of OBI & I was a bit upset and discouraged, I told him the help that we received from Farrow & Ball was worth the price to me!  So we went back to Farrow & Ball and Christian talked with them about our paint selections & we made a few changes but now I think we have our color scheme selected.


Originally we were planning on painting the house ourselves but due to timing & the amount of work that is required we are going to hire a painter.  Farrow & Ball recommends that you apply a primer & then two coats of paint.  Christian did some calculations on how much paint we would need and the amount of time needed to paint everything & it would take us way too many week nights & weekends.  Christian met with a painter who has worked many times with Farrow & Ball paint and Christian felt really good about selecting this paint after seeing examples of the paint in rooms & talking with the painter.


Here are a few examples of the paint colors we have chosen for our rooms.

Borrowed Light – living/dining area & all hallways (pic source)

Stiffkey Blue – half bath (WC) & maybe one wall in guest bedroom (pic source)

Farrow & Ball holiday paint colors |

Pavilion Gray – guest bedroom, office, entryway (pic source)

Parma Gray – master bedroom (pic source)

We just hope that the paint looks as good as these examples in our house!

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