Two Years

Another year in Germany has flown by!  September 21st marked our second year of living in Germany together.  The end of October marks two years of blogging.  I don’t think we have slowed down too much in our travels and explorations of Germany & Europe.  Here is a look back:

October 2013: My mom made her second visit to Germany and we visited both Hamburg & the Mosel Valley.

image image

November 2013: Christian & I went on a Mediterranean cruise, visiting Turkey, Greece & Italy.  It was such a great experience that we definitely want to go on another cruise in the future.

image image

December 2013: We were in the US from Thanksgiving to New Years!  We visited my grandmother in Niagara Falls for Thanksgiving, visited friends in Denver, and celebrated Christmas & New Years in Virginia.

image image image

January 2014: Christian started a new job at the beginning of the year.  We didn’t travel but seemed to stay home & do a lot of cooking.


February 2014: At the end of February, we travelled back to the US with Christian’s mom, aunt & uncle for a week of skiing & snowshoeing in Aspen, Colorado.  Even though Christian & I lived in Colorado, this was our first time of skiing in Aspen.


March 2014: From Aspen we travelled through Utah visiting the national parks & ending our US trip in Las Vegas.

image image

April 2014: We spent the long Easter weekend first visiting Strasbourg, France & then time with our niece in Basel, Switzerland.

image image

May 2014: My brother Chris spent three weeks in Brussels for work, so we alternated between visiting Belgium & him visiting us in Germany over the four weekends he was here.  My mom also came into town during this time as well.

image image

June 2014: We ventured away from our usual Netherland cities (Amsterdam, Den Haag, Delft) and traveled north to Groningen & Borkum.

image image

July 2014: This was our busiest travel month.  Christian traveled for work for almost two weeks, while I went to Greece with my friend Julie.  At the end of July, Christian & I travelled to Sweden.

image image

August 2014: I continued with summer travel & visited my family back in Virginia for most of the month.

img_4689.jpg (1600×1200) 

September 2014: I re-started my love of learning the German language with classes at the language school.  It is much needed after a very long break!


That has been our year!  One of the most exciting things that we are looking forward to is moving into our new house at the end of this year.  We will also spend the holidays with lots of family in Germany & Switzerland.  I will finish up my German class in December & probably start another in January.  We have a tentative travel plan for next year that we are looking forward to as well!

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