Last week I met a friend from the US in Würzburg, in Northern Bavaria.  She was visiting her Oma for the week, so we decided to meet somewhere halfway, which ended up to be this town.  It is also where my friend spent some time studying during college, so she was familiar with the sights.  I took the train from Düsseldorf and it was a 2 hour & 45 minute ride.

We met at the train station & in front of the station was an oval garden with a statue and fountain.  But I was most impressed with these pink flowers.  It was a gray and drizzly day but these flowers sure do cheer someone up!

image image image

We went straight to the main highlight of the city, the Würzburg Residenz.  Prince-Bishop Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn had the construction started on the palace in 1720.  His brother Johann Philipp, Friedrich Carl von Schönborn was also involved in the construction.  The palace was completed in 1780.  Like many towns, the Residenz was damaged in WWII but now it is completely rebuilt.

image image

My pictures of the exterior don’t do the Residenz any justice.  They also didn’t allow photography inside, so here are some pictures that I found on the web.  This gives you a better idea of the grandeur of the palace.  It was so ornate, it was just amazing!  We didn’t get to take the English tour as it was going to be too late, so we walked around the rooms on our own.  We also didn’t even get a chance to see the gardens in the back, which apparently are very beautiful as well.

image source

image source

image source

After our visit to the Residenz, we walked into the Altstadt to the market for something to eat.  I didn’t take any more pictures even though there were so many pretty, historic buildings.  We were just so busy talking to each other that I didn’t want to take out the camera!

Würzburg is definitely on my list of places to visit again, where I plan to take a tour of the Residenz, walk through the gardens, stop & admire the buildings in the Altstadt and visit the Marienberg Fortress.  See the white looking castle in the picture below?  That’s the Marienberg Fortress.


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