The great flooring debate.  What do you choose hardwood (parkett) or laminate (laminat)?  Originally we said hardwood for sure.  When we made our budget, we made an estimate of how much we thought it would cost to install hardwood flooring.  Then we started visiting flooring shops & found out that our preferred hardwood choice was one of the most expensive!  We loved the look of the wider walnut (nussbaum) planks.


We got a few more estimates and the prices were all consistent, consistently more than what we wanted to pay.  We then started to think more about durability and resale.  This is for a townhouse.  Most likely a young family would buy this with young children or animals and the laminate flooring would hold up better.  We are probably going to be hard on the floors as well.  We always have water splashes on the kitchen floor tiles in our apartment and we want the flooring in the kitchen in our house to be the same as the dining and living area.  We just wanted to make sure that we found a dark, nice, not so fake looking wide-plank laminate flooring.  We once again visited more flooring shops and found one that met our description.

The two vertical pieces are the hardwood samples & the two horizontal pieces with the stickers are the laminate samples.


This is the laminate flooring that we decided to go with: Haro Laminat Landhausdiele Iroko.  We didn’t like the walnut laminate, so we choose Iroko instead, which is a tree from the west coast of Africa.


Now we are saving money on our flooring, which means that the savings helps pay for my expensive wall paint!

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