Paint Update

Christian & I met up with our painter right around the time I shared with you our color selections from Farrow & Ball.  He brought large swatches of the colors to hang on the walls to see if we liked the colors.  We started on the top floor of the house and worked our way down.

Cabbage White – This is the color we selected for the two bathrooms.  There will mostly be tile in the room but starting halfway up the wall and the ceiling was going to be painted Cabbage White.  When we saw the swatch, we knew it had too much of a green tint.  We decided to go with Strong White, a white that has more of a gray tint to it, to match the floor tiles.  Before we paint, the painter will make up another swatch just so we can see and okay it.


Parma Gray – This is the color we chose for our bedroom.  Although, we loved it on the walls when we saw the sample, we realized that we need to take the swatch home with us to see if it goes well with our bed and rug or if it will all be too blue/gray.  For right now, we are keeping it!


Pavilion Gray & Stiffkey Blue – This is the color combination for the guest bedroom.  I think the painter thought I was crazy for taking photos of color swatches but I want to document everything!  We definitely like the individual colors and the two combined.  The Stiffkey Blue will be quite an accent wall.

image image

Borrowed Light – This color is for our hallways and the living/dining room.  It is actually much more blue than gray than we thought but still a good light color for these areas.


Stiffkey Blue – This blue will create a dark statement in our half-bath.  We are planning on painting the walls & ceiling.


Pavilion Gray – Again, this gray is being used throughout the house: guest bedroom, office & in the entrance hallway.  The hallway is really narrow, so the gray should hopefully hold up against people rubbing against the wall.


After seeing the larger paint samples, we are growing impatient and want to get the house keys handed over so we can have the flooring and painting started!  Christian suggests that I visit the house daily and basically harass the contractors to work more quickly.  I don’t think they will pay attention to an American!

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