We are going to have three bathrooms in our townhouse.  On the main level, there will be a half-bath, so just a sink & toilet.  On the second floor (OG), the guest bathroom will have a sink, toilet, shower & tub.  On the third floor (DG), the bathroom will have a sink, toilet & shower.

The builder had standard bathroom tiles selected, as well as the bathroom fixtures.  We were told to make an appointment with the store that was providing the bathroom fixtures to see if we liked the standard or if we wanted something different.  When we saw the standard fixtures, I knew that I didn’t like the faucet, so we were definitely going to change that.  The sink was fine but when you visit these showrooms there are some really wonderful looking bathrooms.  I picked out a sink that had storage drawers underneath.  Something like this:

Christian said sure we can see how much the additional cost will be…well, in the end I felt that the drawer was not worth the price!  That was also the case with another toilet that I picked out!  So we are sticking with the standard bathroom fixtures except for the faucets, which I am happy with.

For your viewing pleasure, our bathrooms fixtures:

Duravit D-Code Sink (source)

D-Code Washbasin

Duravit D-Code Toilet (source)

D-Code Toilet wall mounted

Kaldewei Saniform Plus Bathtub (source)


Kaldewei Shower Tray (source).  We will have to buy the shower doors separately.

KALDEWEI Shower trays Advantage SANIDUSCH

Grohe Essence Handle for the sinks (the one on the left)


Grohe Essence Bath & Shower Faucet (source).  I think this is the correct model.  It is hard to remember & figure out based on the contract description.

The next thing we had to decide was the tiling in the bathrooms.  I think the standard was square white tiles on the walls and the floors.  We made the mistake on not taking any pictures of the tiles at the store, so I couldn’t even remember exactly which tiles we had selected!  We decided to go for gray rectangular tiles on the floor and white matte rectangular tiles on the walls.  These were my inspiration pictures (right: source & left: unknown) for selecting the tile.

 Love the large linear tile

They are still working on the tiling in the house, but you can see that they started on the wall tiles in the guest bathroom (first picture) & the master bathroom (second picture).

image image

Here is a picture of the floor tiles that we selected.


I hope to have updates on the bathrooms soon.  We were at the house two weeks ago & practically no progress on the bathrooms.  Once we are in the house, we will buy & install the shower cabinets, the mirrors/medicine cabinets, toilet paper holders & towel racks.  Those items are not included with the house.

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