Spray Painting

Remember when I said that we were planning on buying the new kitchen cabinets from IKEA.  We decided on the Laxarby cabinet fronts but we wanted to paint them white because they had a pinkish tint.  Well, we bought a paint spray gun and picked up the paint and the other supplies that we needed.  A couple weeks ago Christian made the first attempt on a drawer front.  We did a lot of reading on the internet and watched quite a few YouTube videos on how to spray paint cabinets.


First, Christian sanded & made sure the drawer was clean of all grit & dust.

image image

Then he got the spray gun ready with paint.  We used Farrow & Ball All White.


Christian was very concerned about safety & didn’t want to get any paint on him!


Then he went to town spray painting.


The result was that the pink tint was definitely gone but we had some paint drips and uneven covering on the sides and in the groves.  We probably should have used a primer and even caulked a bit in the groves.  Regardless, Christian decided to give it another attempt this time hanging the board in our garage, in hopes of getting more even coverage.  At the same time, we decided to paint a night stand that had some stains on the top and couple spots where paint was removed.

Once again, he sanded both pieces.


Then he set-up the workstation in the garage.


Christian concentrating on spraying the drawer front.  Unfortunately, this time the paint was too thin and there were many drips.


I might have bumped into the drawer while we were setting up the nightstand to be sprayed.  The paint was washed immediately off & the jacket is as good as new!


Then Christian might have bumped his head on the drawer as well!


Christian spray painting the nightstand.  See how he leans down, that is how he hit his head on the drawer!


I thought the dresser turned out really well!  There are a couple of drips on some corners, so it could use another sanding and a second coat.  Are we going to make attempt number three on the cabinet drawer or hire a painter that specializes in cabinets to get it all done?  I have no idea!  As you know, I will keep you posted.

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