We Have Keys!

While everyone in the US was enjoying turkey and pie last Thursday, Christian and I had our final house walkthrough and we received the keys to our house!


We celebrated with a piece of cake at Bauhaus (Home Depot)!  They have a bakery attached to the store and we needed to get a few things to start working on parts of the house because now all the finishing work begins!  The contractors started on Friday.

We had the tile guy come to install the backsplash in the kitchen.  I love this tile so much!  It will look even better with the actual kitchen cabinets and countertops.


The flooring guy dropped off all his supplies on Friday and started work on Saturday.  He laid the flooring on the top floor (master bedroom) and in the second-story hallway.  He also had the guest and office rooms prepped.

image image image

Christian and I also worked in the house over the weekend, specifically the basement.  There are two rooms, one with all the utility equipment & washing machine and the other is the hobby room.  We spent a good couple hours on Saturday cleaning the rooms.  There was so much dirt and little pieces of building material all over the cement floor.  We decided to paint the utility room floor and in the hobby room install laminate flooring.  We picked up the flooring and paint on Friday night.  Christian had a long list of supplies that we would need.

image image

On Saturday, Christian painted the first coat of the utility room floor.  We chose a silver-gray color.

image image

We also applied primer to the walls and ceiling in the hobby room.  Christian first did a little spackling to fix any major unevenness in the walls.  We decided to just paint over the cement blocks in white just to make it a little nicer down there.  Sometime down the road, we will put plaster on the walls and encase the pipes running along the ceiling.


Christian taking a much deserved lunch break!


On Sunday, Christian applied the second coat of floor paint and we got the hobby room walls and ceiling painted.  It was late and we were tired, so I didn’t take any “after” pictures of the rooms.  Hopefully, on my next visit.  Next weekend, we will install the laminate flooring.

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