Advent Season

Since we are staying in Germany for all of Advent season and Christmas, Christian and I thought we should decorate our apartment and make it a little more festive.

We put together the Advent Wreath.  Christian also purchased these pretty three wise men ornaments.

image image

I had my German class last Saturday morning and I came home to Christian putting the finishing touches on the Advent calendar that he made for me.  We hung it up on the railing going upstairs.  He even sewed the bags closed!  I asked him which crafting blog or website, he got that idea from!

image image

I also made Christian a little Advent calendar, but just put all his items in a basket.


On Tuesday night, Christian surprised me by coming home from work dragging a Christmas tree with him!  I don’t know how he got it in our car, but he did.  The great thing is that we will be able to plant it in our yard later on because it is still connected to its roots.  This little corner of our apartment is so cozy and is really making it seem like the wonderful season that it is!

image image

The reason I say, this little corner….because the rest of our apartment looks like this!


Yikes!  Can’t wait to be done with the packing.

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