Basement Flooring

We had another busy weekend at the house.  Our main project was installing the laminate flooring in the main/hobby room of the basement.  The laminate we bought was supposed to be an easy click system, so basically you just have to lay it down and line up the grooves to click it together.  The first couple rows were not so easy to click in place, but finally Christian figured it out and it went smoothly.  Christian did a majority of the work, as this was mostly a one person job.  I assisted whenever he needed help and took some phone pictures to document the progress!

Over the cement floor, we laid a plastic covering (moisture barrier) and a foam covering that I think helps with sound.


Installing the first row.


Using the cutter to fit the planks was quite easy.


More progress.


The more difficult part came when Christian needed to fit around the doors.

image image image

Laying the last piece!


The floors were laid on Saturday and on Sunday we installed the baseboard.

image image image

The room looks great and more homey with the flooring installed.  I decided that I want to add another coat of paint to the walls.  I spent part of Sunday filling in some of the holes and rough spots on the walls, so I can paint next week.

We also spent part of Sunday getting the utility room organized, as we brought some of our camping gear from our apartment and now have tools laying around.  We bought the wooden shelving system from Bauhaus.  They didn’t have enough shelves, so it isn’t complete.  It was actually quite a pain to put together, as the wood kept splitting when adding some the boards.  Christian basically added more wood screws and bolted it to the wall to make it more secure.  I think the plastic shelving that we brought from the US from Costco is better!


So another weekend flew by for us.  Christian is definitely counting down the days until we get a break for Christmas and won’t have to think about the house!

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