Christian received a 5 kg turkey from his company last Friday.  It is apparently a traditional holiday gift that the company gives to its employees every year.  Earlier in November, Christian came home from one of his work trips with two recipes torn from an airline magazine.  One was for pumpkin cheesecake and the other was for roasting a turkey.  I put the turkey recipe with other recipes, thinking that I wouldn’t have any use for it this year, as we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  Then we got the turkey, so we were able to use it.  The recipe is called roast turkey with lemon, parsley & garlic.  I didn’t realize until I started writing this post, that the recipe is from Gordon Ramsey, so you can find it online here.


The turkey was frozen, so we set it out to thaw on Saturday morning and planned on preparing and cooking it on Sunday evening.  We ended up getting home too late on Sunday, so we just prepared the turkey and I started cooking the turkey after class on Monday.  Christian stuffed the bird with onions, lemon, garlic and bay leaves.  Then we made a lemon, parsley & garlic mix to spread all over the turkey and stuff under the skin.  This recipe used so much butter!!  It is not for those who want to be healthy.  I thought that the whole turkey preparation process was unappetizing, so if you don’t want to look at the pictures, I understand.

Here’s the butterball ready to go in the oven.


Quick 10 minute roast, than it is time to add bacon over the breasts to keep them moist.

image image

I let the turkey cook for 2 1/2 hours than I left for the gym!  You need to workout before eating this.


Christian came home and cooked it a little longer.  We probably didn’t let it rest very long, but we removed the bacon and sliced up the breasts for dinner.  He also mixed up some stuffing to go with the turkey, so it was like a mini-Thanksgiving meal.

image image

My favorite part of the meal was the stuffing.  I thought for all the butter and other spices that the turkey would be more flavorful but it wasn’t.  Christian said he could taste the lemon. We took apart the rest of the turkey and we will use it in some other recipes, hopefully with some cheese and noodles!

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