Gingerbread Houses

I like to put little activities for us to do in Christian’s Advent calendar.  One of the activities this past week was to build gingerbread houses.  I wrapped up a gingerbread man cookie-cutter.  When Christian opened it up, he said, “oh, how cute!” I then had to explain to him that the cookie-cutter wasn’t the gift (as it was something we already owned) but making gingerbread houses was the gift.  I didn’t make gingerbread, so instead we used Leibniz cookies for the walls & roof.  I made a batch of vanilla frosting and thickened it with corn starch in hopes that it would act more like glue.

Christian was so careful building his house.

image image

I was the complete opposite and applied the frosting thinking more was better because it would stick together better.  That didn’t work out so well.


The engineer stepped in & helped me re-build by adding some support.

image image

Here are our final houses.  Christian definitely won the prize for best gingerbread house/village!


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