Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt

Christian and I took a break from house stuff over the weekend.  We took the train down to Nürnberg to visit the Christkindlesmarkt.  It is supposed to be the largest Christmas market in Germany and when you read about Christmas markets on the Internet, it is the one to go to (at least if you are a visitor of Germany).  We rode the train down on Saturday morning and a lot of people were traveling to Nürnberg as well.  When we first arrived (around noon), it wasn’t so crowded and was easy to navigate through the city center.  The market was spread throughout the city but the main and largest part was located in the Hauptmarkt.  As it got closer to the evening, it became unbearable to move through the streets and we gave up and just went to our hotel, which was located outside of the city.  I am so glad that we visited, as I loved all the decorations, lights & music but now that we have visited, I don’t need to go back.  In every city in Germany, there is usually a nice Christmas market to visit, to enjoy Glühwein and stroll along the booths searching for ornaments or sweets.

There was an area specifically for children with rides and activities.

image image image

Booths from around the world.  The first one we spotted was Atlanta!


Rathaus (city hall) & Frauenkirche.

image image

Lunch break.  You have to have Nürnberger Bratwurst.  No, I didn’t eat all that!  Christian I shared a plate of sausages and potato salad.


There were so many Christmas ornaments for sale….wooden, glass & metal.

image image image

In the late afternoon, Christian and I went back to the Hauptmarkt to have some Glühwein & hot chocolate.

image image image

View of the market.


You can see the crowds going towards the Hauptmarkt.  This is when we left the city.


I can’t believe how fast December is flying by!  I want time to slow down, so we can enjoy the season a little more!

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