Another House Update

We are less than a week away from our move-in date (if everything still goes to plan) and the contractors have been busy and we (especially Christian) have been working hard at getting the things that we planned on doing ourselves completed.

The flooring has been installed for a couple weeks now, but as soon as it was finished, the painter came in and laid a protective covering over the floors, doors, windows, everything, so I haven’t seen the floors except for the bit I shared with you all earlier.

The painter worked on smoothing out our walls and ceilings, brushed on an initial primer, than the Farrow & Ball primer and in the past day or two has painted the two coats of the actual paint.


At the beginning of the week, the contractors arrived to install our doors.  Yay, for privacy when going to the bathroom!  Unfortunately, the opening for three of our doors wasn’t large enough, so another contractor has to come in and chisel away some of the concrete at the top of the door, so the frame will fit in.


The kitchen cabinets from IKEA arrived last week.  Christian spent one afternoon last week putting together the hanging cabinets.  On Monday, Christian took off from work for us to be able to put together the rest of the cabinets and to oversee some of the contractors working on the house and to be there for deliveries of kitchen appliances.

image image image image

This weekend we plan on installing the kitchen cabinets & working on the bathrooms.  The shower cabinets arrived, as well as towel racks & toilet paper holders.  It is slowly coming along & looking more like a house!

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