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Happy New Year–2015!

We had a very busy, at times stressful but also fun & memorable Christmas and New Year’s.  My mom and brother flew into Germany the Sunday before Christmas.  We put them right to work at the new house, helping us get ready for the movers the following day.

Cleaning wasn’t what Christopher expected on his first day of vacation!


Moving day was long.  The movers were very efficient but we had too many IKEA wardrobes that they had to disassemble and reassemble!  My new year’s resolution is to get rid of some clothes.

This gives you a general idea of the boxes and mess, although this is after a week of working on getting boxes cleared out.


The day after we moved, we drove to Fiesch, Switzerland.  This a small mountain-town, where we spent Christmas with Christian’s family.  To accommodate everyone (12 people), we rented two houses.  We stayed in Uf Selden, a cute wooden house.  There was no snow in the valley but the mountains were snow covered.

image image image

On Christmas Eve day, Christian, my mom, Christopher & I took the cable car up to Fiescheralp and did a hike up on the mountain.  They had specific winter hiking trails and we bought a lift ticket that allowed us to use the gondolas to go up to some of the viewpoints.

image image

Later that evening, the whole family gathered together for dinner, Christmas carols and opening of a few gifts.

image image image

It was so nice to get away for a couple days from the mess of boxes and all the work that needed to be done on the house.  We were able to focus and enjoy our family & Christmas!

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