1st & 2nd Christmas Day in Fiesch

Our family tradition is to open one gift on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day open the rest of gifts, as well as the stockings.  Christian’s family & I think the rest of Germany opens all their gifts on Christmas Eve.  Since I knew that we would be celebrating with Christian’s family in Fiesch, I decided to sew everyone stockings to open up on Christmas Eve.  We put in a Christmas cracker, chocolate & our Christmas card in each stocking.

Xmas Stockings

It is hard to see, but I also made a Christmas tree skirt with some of the leftover fabric.

DSC08847 Tree Skirt

On Christmas morning, we gathered around the Christmas tree and leisurely opened gifts.  I even brought pancake mix and chocolate chips (both US purchases), so we could make chocolate chip pancakes, another Christmas Day tradition.


Christopher was gifted with a couple sewn gifts from me: a University of Kentucky apron, pot holder & kitchen hand towel (not shown in photo).


A few more photos from our day.

DSC08880 DSC08872 DSC08884 DSC08892 DSC08889 DSC08875

December 26th (2nd Christmas Day) is also a holiday in Germany.  The girls (my mom & I) and guys (Christian & Christopher) split up to have some fun on the mountain, as this was our last day in Switzerland.  My mom & I took the local train from Fiesch to Betten and then took the cable car up to Bettmeralp.  From there we did another hike around the ski area.

IMG_0946 IMG_0953 IMG_0956

Meanwhile, Christian & Christopher spent the day skiing.  I asked Christian who the better skier is, me or my brother.  Christian said that we ski the same but my brother is less fearful.  We all met up for lunch at one of the restaurants on the mountain.

DSC08902 DSC08903 DSC08904 DSC08907

The following morning, we woke up to snow in the valley.  It was so pretty & made us sad that we were leaving after such a short visit.  I know that Christian would have loved to ski a couple more days.  It just made us want to plan another ski trip for next year!


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