In Germany, they sell fireworks right before New Year’s Eve.  Then on midnight on New Year’s everyone sets off their own fireworks.  My brother and I were pretty excited because we were able to purchase fireworks that go up in the sky!  Not those little dinky ones that you set on your driveway or just sparklers.  Since our kitchen isn’t fully functioning, we made fajitas out on the grill, played a few rounds of board games and then at midnight walked down to the Rhein to set off our fireworks.

DSC08932 DSC08933

Toasting to the New Year!


We had great views of everyone else setting off fireworks along the Rhein until the smoke and fog became too thick.  We all took turns setting off the fireworks.

DSC08948 DSC08953 DSC08955

There are definitely some years where I don’t even stay up for New Years, so the fact that we made our own fireworks show was a great way to start 2015!

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