State of the House

I thought I would show you a few photos on how the house is coming along.  We haven’t been able to do a lot of unpacking or placing the furniture in the proper spots, as the baseboards haven’t been installed yet!  That is supposed to happen this week, so then I will be able to unpack and put things away in cupboards and our wardrobes.


Those gray mats are under almost all the furniture, so they can easily be slid around for when the flooring people come to install the baseboards.


Our living/eating room isn’t looking too bad.  We ordered this new couch back in the fall and had it delivered to the house a couple days before our move.


The bathrooms are functional but still don’t have lights (except for a lightbulb) or mirrors.  I have yet to be able to commit to lighting or even mirrors! I look online and in the stores, but nothing has popped out at me to buy.  When I need a mirror, I just look at my reflection in our oven door!

DSC09040 DSC09033

Our kitchen sink hasn’t been installed yet, so I have been washing the dishes in our bathroom sink.  My mom had to wash a lot of dishes while she was visiting.  Since she is gone & Christian is traveling, I have been reusing my salad bowl and glass quite a few times before I will wash it.


Our stairs are being installed this week.  We have temporary planks for the stair boards right now.  The builder likes to install them last, just with all the contractors going up and down the stairs and potentially damaging them.  We have gotten used to walking easily up and down the stairs without handrails and them being a little wobbly but still secure!  My mom and brother were slow and cautious using the stairs and might have called them a hazard.


A couple more rooms, obviously all looking a bit disorganized & messy!

DSC09034 DSC09035 DSC09032

I am looking forward to sharing more finished rooms with you later this month or next month.

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