Building a Kitchen

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we designed this kitchen with IKEA cabinets & fronts and bought our appliances, backsplash and countertop elsewhere.  The first thing that was installed was the white, narrow subway tile backsplash, which I love & stare at daily.  IKEA delivered our cabinets & fronts and we spent a couple days in the basement assembling the cabinets, while we had other contractors working in the rest of the house.  We had chosen the Laxarby cabinet fronts and we had planned on having them painted white.  As you may remember, we tried to spray paint them on our own but that didn’t work out so well.  Then we contacted a cabinet maker that specializes in painting furniture.  A week before we were supposed to move in, we still hadn’t heard when we could drop off the fronts to have them painted.  We were under a time crunch, as if we didn’t have fronts, we couldn’t unpack or use any of our kitchen stuff, as almost all of our bottom cabinets are comprised of drawers.  We abandoned our plan of using the Laxarby fronts, as I didn’t like the pink look that they gave off.  We went back to IKEA and settled on the Grytnäs, which are basically the Ädel fronts from the old Faktum line.

IKEA now uses a wall-mounted rail system for hanging the upper and lower cabinets.  Christian installed the rail and then we just hung the cabinets on the rail.  The cabinets still have feet that you install but for the most part, all the weight is being held by the rail.


The day of our move, Christian got our refrigerator installed.  We also got the dishwasher installed but unfortunately, a couple days after use the dishwasher started occasionally trying to pump water even when it wasn’t running.  I think it thought it was in flood mode due to it not being secured by a countertop.  Every time that we opened it, the dishwasher would tip forward.  Maybe not the safest or best way to operate it.  It is now working, so no more washing dishes in the sink!  We bought two pieces of scrap countertop at the hardware store and have used that for countertop until our real countertop is installed.  The sink and stovetop need to be installed with the countertop.


The oven was installed on New Years Eve, so we can warm up food.


More work…installing doors, hanging upper cabinets & installing the exhaust.

DSC08920 DSC09025 DSC09024

Installing the handles.  When I was back in the US, I ordered the Aubrey knobs and pulls from Restoration Hardware.

DSC08931 DSC09071

I unpacked all our kitchen boxes and placed everything in our cabinets and drawers.  Everything isn’t in the final places but it is away for now.  I now have so much space for all our dishes, especially our seasonal sets for Easter and Christmas.  That makes me very happy!

Here is how the kitchen has been looking the last two weeks.  Getting to this point wasn’t easy though.  There were definitely a few meltdowns and it was a lot of work for Christian.  My family and I did our best to assist but we couldn’t help a lot.  Christian and I have both decided that we will not install our next kitchen on our own.  We are going to leave that up to the professionals for our own health & sanity!

DSC09069 DSC09076 DSC09070

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