Board Games

Taking a break from the house posts, even though they have been really sporadic.  I have had problems with our photo editing software & when the days are gray and short, I need to lighten my photos!  Luckily, Christian was able to fix the software problem and now I have access to my photos again.  So, on to the topic of my post…

When my family gets together, we spend pretty much the entire time playing board games.  I thought I would share some of our favorites that we play when we get together.

Ticket to Ride:  This is one of the first games we started playing on a regular basis.  It is still one of my favorites even though we don’t play it as often anymore.  We have both the original version, building railroads through the US & the Europe version.  It is a simple game, everyone is building railroad routes &  some players might need to be compete for track space going through specific cities.

Pandemic: This is a new game that Christian & I received for Christmas from my brother.  You work as a team to cure four diseases before the world population is wiped out.  This is an extremely difficult game to win.  The first time we played, we didn’t exactly follow the rules, so we thought it was easy.  Then we properly read the instructions & have only been able to beat the game (at the introductory level) once after playing everyday, 2-3 times per day for a week!

image image

7 Wonders:  This is a favorite game from Christmas two years ago.  You are the leader of one of the 7 wonders of the World and you need to build up your city with military power and commerce using cards that you receive.  Chris received an expansion pack to the game, with more wonders to use.  We have played it so many times that it will be nice to have some new wonders to work with.

Agricola: Chris received this game for his birthday last year.  It is basically a farming game, where you need to build stables for your animals, renovate your houses, harvest and feed your people.  It does require some strategy.


Scotland Yard: This game takes place in London.  One person is Mr. X and the other players are the police detectives trying to apprehend him.  You use taxi, bus or the underground to find out where he is located.  Meanwhile, Mr. X is also using these modes of transportation and his location is only revealed to the other players every few moves.  Chris loves to be Mr. X.  My mom tried it and she was not able to be apprehended.  I tried it once and I was easily apprehended!

image image

Bang: A fun, role playing card game, consisting of a sheriff, 2 deputies, 3 outlaws and a renegade.  You are shooting at each other & trying to figure out who is who.  The deputies want to ensure that the sheriff stays alive and the outlaws want to be the last men standing.

Carcassonne: Each person takes a turn drawing and laying down a tile.  Your goal is to get the most points possible by building rivers, developing forests and fields.  It is a fast and easy game.  My mom, Christian and I enjoy it.  Chris will play it but doesn’t like it that much!


If you are looking for some new games to try out, maybe check out one of these!

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