Stairs & Baseboards

We’re making progress…slowly but surely!  You might remember that we had temporary steps for our stairs.  They were pretty rough looking and wobbly!


We now have the real wood planks for the stairs.  They extend the length of the stairwell & are sturdy.  We haven’t taken off the cardboard covering, as we still have contractors coming into the house & there is still so much dirt being tracked in.  I vacuum daily.

image image

Looking up at the stairs.


These are the stairs leading down to the basement.  They have a different handrail.


The flooring guy was able to come back and install the baseboards.  I chose thick, plain white baseboards.  I really like them & think the white looks so nice with the wall colors and the flooring.  It brightens things up!

image image image

The flooring guy still needs to come back and fill in all the nail holes.  Our painter will also come back to caulk the tops of the baseboards & paint where necessary.  This means we still have to wait a little while longer until we are able to position our furniture.  You can see the nail holes and the places were the wall isn’t exactly straight in the pictures below.

image image

Like I said, we are making progress.  These small steps are really making our house seem more finished & homey.

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