Fully Functioning Kitchen

We have countertops, a sink with running water, dishwasher, stove & oven!  Everything you need in a kitchen.  We received a phone call last week saying that they could deliver the countertop the following day.  It was quite a surprise, as we hadn’t heard any expected date as to when the countertop would be ready.

image image

Christian got home from his business trip and the following evening, he was hooking up the sink & over the weekend, he hooked up the stove.

image image image

Very white!

image image image image image

In the upper cabinet on the left side (non-glass door) is where we store all our US appliances.


In the cabinet sits a transformer.  This is so we don’t blow up our appliances when using them due to the different voltage.  Christian made a cut-out under the cabinet to run an extension cord, so we can just plug in whatever appliance we want to use.  The transformer’s power is controlled by a light switch (shown next to the coffee machine).

image image image

See the window in front of the sink?


Well, it is very important to be able open that window and to let fresh air in.  The countertop installers were concerned that the sink was right in front and that our faucet would block the window from opening.  I assured them that we purchased a special faucet that we can just pull out and place in the sink to open the window.

image image image

The kitchen isn’t completely finished.  We still need to install the molding underneath the upper cabinets, as well as the baseboards under the cabinets.  We are missing an overhead light and we plan on buying shades for the window.  Otherwise, it is fully functioning and I love all the white!

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