Mirror Mirror

We have spent the past two weekends trying to get the bathrooms finished up, installing all the fixtures.

Half-Bath:  We installed the mirror and attached a light to the top.  It is the only light fixture in this bathroom, so it needed to be bright.  We also mounted the toilet paper holder and towel rack.  We hope to receive the blinds that we ordered for the window that is over the toilet.  Our piece of cardboard over the window works but isn’t so pretty!

image image image image image

Guest Bathroom:  We installed the overhead light, as well as the toilet paper holder, towel rack, a hook for towels and a mirror with a light to the top.  The same mirror light that was used in the half-bath.  This bathroom is filled with boxes from the office, as we are still needing to move furniture around.  The office is pretty small but has a desk, bookshelves and a daybed, so it can’t fit all the boxes!  Therefore, I can’t take many pictures of the bathroom fixtures right now.

image image

So the mirror in the guest bathroom looks fine.  No problems installing it really until Christian goes into the office.  The office shares the wall with the sink and bathroom mirror.


I hear an “oh no!” from Christian.  The wall hooks holding the mirror were a bit too long and came through the wall in the office.  That was quite sad to see.  Christian has replaced the mirror hooks for shorter ones but we don’t know whether to try patching and painting over on our own or have our painter come back and do it!  So far this has been the only mishap in the house, so that is good news!

image image

Master Bathroom:  Once again, we installed the overhead light, toilet paper holder, towel rack and mirror with attached lights.  We have no closed storage in our bathroom.  We have one small ledge over the toilet but that is it for storage options.  We had wanted to buy a medicine cabinet and we searched for months (probably since last summer).  There wasn’t a single one that I really liked.  Either they had two doors and you would have to stare at the crack when standing in front of the sink or they had a spacy-looking light.  We were out shopping for mirrors this past weekend and we finally gave up our hope of a medicine cabinet and bought a plain mirror with lights.

image image image image

We also searched forever for a bathroom cabinet.  I still couldn’t find one that I liked.  In the end we just bought a cubby/shelving unit from IKEA.  It doesn’t look great but it serves the function for now and somewhat hides all our toiletries and towels.  We still need to organize it and buy some bins.


I would like to add some decorations to the walls in the bathrooms, especially our half-bath with the dark blue walls, which we love!  We also plan on buying porcelain covers for the pipes that show under the sinks, so really just cosmetic stuff for the bathrooms now.

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