The weekend went by so fast!  One second it was Saturday morning and then next minute it was Monday morning.  Of course, we spent most of the weekend working in the house.  We rented a van for Saturday because there were some large items (kitchen stuff) that we needed to return to IKEA and we also wanted to buy another PAX wardrobe, plus doors for our current wardrobes that didn’t have them.  None of that would fit in our car.

If you recall, we had a little walk-in wardrobe in our apartment, so they didn’t need doors.

image image

In the apartment, we had a mix of shorter and taller wardrobes to fit the sloped ceiling.  In this house, we moved the shorter wardrobes into the guest bedroom.  This created a need for more wardrobes in our bedroom, despite my efforts to get rid of clothes and shoes.  I tried really, really hard and still not everything fits! Now we have wall-to-wall wardrobes in our bedroom, which wasn’t really the look I was going for.  I should just get rid of everything and start a capsule wardrobe.

image image

These bookshelves in our apartment (IKEA Hemnes) were put in our office & it looked so dark in there with the gray walls, so I decided that I wanted them painted white.  Four coats later, I think they are finally done or at least I am calling them done!  Once we get our books and everything on them, you won’t notice any imperfections with the paint job.

image image image

We received our blinds for the kitchen and bathroom windows.  They provide privacy and still allow a good amount of light to come in.  I especially love them in the kitchen, as we have them at eye height and we don’t have to look at our neighbor’s backyard and people walking by our house can’t look in.

image image

In other non-house news, Christian started building the Lego Technic Crane.  He received this as a Christmas present and every free moment from house work, he was sitting at the kitchen table building.

image image image

And the best for last…we discovered these new Leibniz cookies (my favorite brand here), a chocolate graham-like cracker covered in white chocolate.  So tasty, the box was empty after two lunches!


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