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Pom Pom Wreath

Yarn pom poms have been super popular among crafters for the past couple of years.  There is so much you can do with them: make garland, decorate gifts, make rugs, flowers…the list goes on…just look on Pinterest.  I was making them by wrapping the yarn around my hand but then I finally decided to buy the Clover Pom Pom Maker from Amazon.  I got four different sizes.  It is now so easy to make the pom poms…probably too easy, as I need to now keep buying more yarn!

I decided to make a pom pom wreath to put on our front door for the month of February, so I choose more Valentine’s Day colors: pink & purple.


Then I spent a couple hours spread throughout a couple days making the pom poms, until I had a big enough pile to make a wreath.

image image

I couldn’t find a wire wreath, so I bought this wreath from the floral department of a home goods store.  I just tied the pom poms around the wreath until it was filled.

image image

Doesn’t our door look festive?!  Christian said it looked interesting, so not the highest praises but I think it is cute for the “love” month.


We had a wreath with greenery and a red bow for December.  Then for January I took off the red bow and added a pink bow with pinecones to it.


I am going to try to change up the wreaths every month.  That’s my goal at least.

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