I’m Back!

I got back last Saturday from spending three weeks in Denver.  In January, Christian found out that he needed to attend a conference in Denver for a week in February.  I definitely was going to tag-along on that trip to visit our favorite city and see all our friends.  My brother, Chris also happened to be interviewing for jobs in Denver in January.  He accepted a job position and timed it so he and my mom would drive across country and arrive in Denver at the same time that Christian and I would be arriving.  Christian would stay for the week, my mom would stay for a week and half (they both had jobs to get back to!) and I would stay another two weeks to help finish up getting my brother moved in and just spend time together until he had to start work.

On my flight from Germany to the US, we got to see some great views of Greenland.  At least that is what I think it was, correct me if I am wrong!  I am pretty much a horrible (sensitive) traveler and despite my best efforts to keep hydrated, the long flights always cause headaches and nausea.  My friend, Stephanie picked me up from the airport in Denver and I was feeling pretty awful.  On our way into Denver, she had to make a quick exit so I could jump out of the car and be sick.  Usually after a good night’s rest, I am feeling better, which was the case this time.

image image

On my first full day in Denver before my mom & brother were supposed to arrive around lunchtime, I went on a walk all around Denver and my old neighborhood in the lower Highlands.  The weather was amazing, sunny & warm!

image  image image image

There has been so much growth in the Denver area.  One of the biggest transformations is the Union Station area.  They have built & continue to build apartments, offices and shops.  The most amazing part is the renovation of the Union Station building itself.  Inside the main area are comfy seating areas with free wifi and there are a bunch of new restaurants in the building.  One of them being Snooze, a favorite brunch spot.  They serve the best peanut butter cup pancakes.  I only had them twice during my visit!  I had to restrain myself from going every day.  Chris and I spent quite a few hours sitting in Union Station.  Chris reading the newspaper and me surfing the web/reading blogs, since Chris didn’t have Internet set-up at his apartment until the middle of last week.

image image

We got to see some of our great friends while in town, going to brunches and dinners.  Here are some cute pictures from our Valentine’s Day brunch hosted by Stephanie & Andy.

image image

As you know, when my family gets together, we like to play board games.  Unfortunately, my brother’s board games were forgotten back in Virginia.  We ended up finding a great game shop (although, most of the business is done online) in northeast Denver.  The shop owner recommended a new game called Galaxy Truckers.  We played that a couple times before Christian had to head back to Germany.


After the first weekend in Denver, where we had spring-like weather, it turned cold and snowy.  It pretty much stayed that way until the end of my visit.  We would have a day or two of sunshine but then the next batch of snow would arrive.  I didn’t have any snow boots with me but Stephanie, my mom, brother and I were exploring REI a few days after arriving in Denver and Stephanie discovered a pair of snow boots in my size on the clearance rack.  I wore those shoes more than any pair that I brought with me!  They were a lifesaver for walking around Denver everyday.

image image image image image

Whew!  That seems like a lot for my first post on the blog in a month. Stay tuned for more about my time in Denver (yes, there’s more)!

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