Time with my Brother

I had the best time hanging out with my brother those last two weeks in Denver.  We didn’t venture outside of Denver, even though the mountains were getting snow, so it would have made sense to go skiing during the week.  We just didn’t feel up to it and we wanted to just hang out in Chris’ new neighborhood.

My brother wanted to try out the different gyms and yoga studios in the area.  As you know, exercising is important to our family & I think we get a bit cranky, if we don’t get a workout in.  We joined CorePower Yoga for one week and The Freyja Project for another week of yoga classes.  Both studios are located in the Highlands.  The Freyja Project was our favorite studio, as they offered tons of classes and had wonderful instructors.  We would go to a yoga class in the morning or the gym (we alternated) and then come home for lunch.  Chris always made a fruit smoothie.  I convinced him to add spinach to his smoothies.  You can’t taste the spinach and it adds some greens for him, which is lacking in his diet.

image image

We would watch a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls either at lunch or in the evening.  Chris is probably not happy about me sharing that he watches Gilmore Girls!  When I first moved to Denver, my mom and I started watching Gilmore Girls.  I have the whole series on DVD.  We would only watch the show together, when she came to town.  It took us probably a year to watch the entire show.  My brother discovered/heard about Gilmore Girls over Christmas and we watched a few episodes while they were visiting us in Germany.  Chris took the DVD’s back to Virginia and continued watching with my mom.  So we have been watching the series in Denver now as well.  Although my mom wasn’t happy that we were continuing to watch the episodes without her!


Like I mentioned before, we spent a lot of time in Union Station, as well as the Tattered Cover bookstore and walking along the 16th Street Mall.  We went to Illegal Pete’s one evening for dinner.  We both got nachos, which are our favorite.


We ventured out to Costco a couple times, plus checked out all the different grocery stores in the area.  Probably not so exciting to most people.  I loved it though, I miss US grocery stores.  Chris found a place to play indoor volleyball.  One of the afternoons he went to volleyball, I went to the mall, so I could do some shopping.  That is one thing that my brother does not enjoy doing, that I do!

On my last day in Denver, we went to The Market in Larimer Square for a snack.  Chris got the smothered burrito and I got the Spring Fling Cake.  This cake is made with zucchini and in between the layers, frosting and fruit.  It is delicious and I should really try making it from scratch sometime.  You can find the recipe here.

image image image

Also on my last day in Denver, the weather was warmer and the snow had started to melt, so we took out the Bcycle (Denver bike sharing program).  We wanted to figure out Chris’ route to work, which happens to be the Pepsi Center where the Nuggets (basketball) and Avalanche (hockey) play.  It was a super easy ride and not along any busy roads, so that is good.

image image image

As usual, the time went by way too fast and I was incredibly sad to leave.  Chris started work this past Monday and I am getting back to my routine in Germany.  It was a time I will definitely cherish, as who knows when we will get to spend the time, just the two of us, again!

4 thoughts on “Time with my Brother

  1. Ahh Jennifer, it was so fun reading about you and Chris spending time together. That is too funny about the Gilmore Girls show. I’m sure having you and your Mom there made his transition so much more enjoyable. I’m so happy we hooked up too! Miss you Christy

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