The Nuggets

So you probably thought I was done sharing about my time in Denver.  Nope, not quite!  Chris and I attended a Nuggets game with his new boss and co-worker.  If you don’t know, the Nuggets are Denver’s basketball team.  Apparently, they haven’t had the best season this year.  We attended the game against the New Orleans Pelicans.  Chris chose this game because of Anthony Davis.  He used to play at the University of Kentucky (Chris’ alma mater) and now plays for the Pelicans.  Unfortunately, Davis was injured but he was still at the game.  We had amazing seats, a couple rows back from the Pelicans’ bench, which gave us great views of Davis and of course, the actual game!  I told Chris he should have worn his UK t-shirt because Davis would have noticed Chris for sure.

image image

Anthony Davis in the beige sports coat.

image image

It was actually a pretty close game but in the end the Pelicans won 99-92.  As someone who doesn’t watch sports, I had a great time, especially since we were so close to the action!

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