Chris’ Apartment

I thought it would be nice to give you a little tour of Chris’ apartment, especially for the family reading the blog.  Chris is living in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in downtown Denver near the Rockies (baseball) stadium.  One of his main goals of moving to Denver was being able to live in the city and walk to work.  He is in a great location.  He is a 10 minute walk to Union Station and the 16th Street Mall.  He is probably a 15-20 minute walk to work.  He joined Denver’s Bcycle (bike sharing program) and there is a bike station right in front of his apartment.  He timed his bike trip to work and it takes 7 minutes.  I think he will be using the bike quite a bit, especially as the weather gets nicer.  There are tons of shops, restaurants and gyms within walking distance.  There are plans of a grocery store opening up later this year a block from his apartment.

Entrance/Open Hallway.


I cleaned up a bit for the photos.  Normally the shoes aren’t lined up so nicely.  Half the shoes belong to me!


Kitchen.  Chris won’t have a kitchen table, but just the bar area.  He brought almost no furniture with him, just a small side table and a lamp!  The first couple days were spent at IKEA, Home Depot and Target buying stuff for the apartment.  He bought the two bar stools from IKEA.

image image image

Living Room.  Chris ordered a couch and coffee table from Crate & Barrel at the end of January.  It had an estimated delivery time of mid-March.  He still hasn’t received it yet but he did get his rug and lamp from there.  He brought the TV from Virginia and bought the TV stand from IKEA.  While there is no couch, he either drags a bar stool to sit in front of the TV or lays on the air mattress.

image image image

He has a small balcony that overlooks the train tracks and a loft building.  The trains do drive by frequently.  They are loud but it doesn’t seem to affect sleeping.  Once you are asleep, you don’t hear them.  Plus, the trains give some excitement and action to his apartment.


Bathroom.  He has a large bathroom with a washer and dryer.

image image

Bedroom.  A light filled room.  We picked up his mattress and bed frame from Costco.  The new duvet cover is from Crate & Barrel.

image image

It is really dry in Colorado.  A humidifier is really good to have if you aren’t used to the dryness.  Chris keeps this in his bedroom and uses it every night.


His apartment is looking homey, and will be more so when the couch and table arrives.  I think he chose a good spot to live!

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